July 24, 2014

COD Advanced Warfare fan site

I have talked about it before: I gave up on Call of Duty some time ago. I felt as though the series was running in place, and found that I enjoyed the gameplay of the Battlefield series much more. That is not to say that a person can play both, and I certainly would if I had felt inclined to play COD.

That may just happen for me this year. I have a renewed interest in Call of Duty, thanks to what I have seen of Advanced Warfare and the past work of the guys at Sledgehammer Games. Sledgehammer is really putting forth some effort to research the possibilities of future technology to make the game believable, interesting, and hopefully they also make it fun to play.

Because I am watching this closely and it offers such great promise, I have teamed up as co-editor for AdWarCentral.com, a COD Advanced Warfare fan site. As fans of FPS games and gaming in general, we are looking to share our interest and our curiosity about this new COD by sharing news, rumors, and even opinions on the game.

I am really hopeful Advanced Warfare can bring the Call of Duty series to a new level and make me want to play again, so please come join us as we eagerly anticipate Sledgehammer's effort to invigorate the franchise!

-- Heplinger, co-editor of AdWarCentral, a COD: Advanced Warfare fan site.

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