March 11, 2014

Battlefield 4 Adventures - How to Fail in the OP MAA

Making videos for YouTube has been a fun experience. I received a few requests to upload some funny material, so I am trying my hand at some humor. What is the best way to be funny? Why, poke fun at yourself, of course! Let me tell you, I provide myself plenty of material for that, there is not doubt!

Recently, I played a round of Conquest on Dragon Pass, from the China Rising DLC. During this round, I decided to load up in the MAA, but I am not a fan of just sitting in deployment to improve my terrible K/D ratio. Instead, I chose to attempt to defend the B flag while utilizing the open space around B to protect the skies. Of course, I failed at all of the above in a rather funny way.

 I hope you enjoy! Until next time, have fun and keep gaming!

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