February 21, 2014

Titanfall Beta - A Few Quick Thoughts

Sorry to anyone who checks this blog; I have been so incredibly busy in real life that writing has been very much on the back burner. I have also decreased my focus on Battlefield a bit while things are (hopefully) improved.

I've been trying to get in some play time on a few different titles lately, including Loadout, War Thunder, Insurgency, and the Titanfall beta.

I had some fun playing the Titanfall beta, but it just couldn't hook me. I was afraid the fun would end, as it started to feel repetitive within just a couple hours. The quality of the beta was great, though. I would expect some polish, though, because it was running on a highly used and thoroughly tested (older) engine. I am curious to see what kinds of evolutions this triggers in the FPS genre.  Here's a video I put together discussing it a bit more:

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