January 2, 2014

Metro Glitch Revisited

If you have not seen the channel before, I suggest you check out IND Gamers on YouTube. They post videos that primarily focus on sharing significant bugs and glitches in the Battlefield series with DICE in a very unique and entertaining style.

Their latest video shows how the outside the map glitch from Operation Metro in BF3 has returned in Operation Metro 2014, currently available in the Second Assault DLC on Xbox One.  I highly recommend this video because it offers a very serious and frank discussion that DICE needs to hear regarding the quality of Battlefield 4. If you have seen other IND videos, you will know that this video is very out of character for them, as they approach these issues in a very entertaining and light-hearted manner.

The serious concern arises because this particular glitch existed in Battlefield 3 and was fixed. However, in the reissue of Metro in Battlefield 4, which has been (by all accounts...as I am on PC and don't have it) extensively redesigned and improved, the exact same issue exists again.  This means either they copied and pasted the base of Metro from the uncorrected version from BF3, or redesigned the map without recollection of this issue.  What is even more troubling is the fact their testing team did not start by checking that this rather well-known issue did not exist in the new map.

I love this game, but I am saddened by the trouble it is having.  Hopefully I can write up my more in-depth thoughts on the issue sometime soon, so be on the lookout for that here or at BF4blog.com.

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