January 16, 2014

BF4 Gadget Guide - EOD Bots

I have posted a new gadget guide to the EOD Bots on YouTube. This one was really fun to make.  I had not taken much time to use the EOD bot in Battlefield 4, as I had all but given up on them in BF3 from being so hard to drive.  They are much more stable in BF4 (though still rather wonky), so it is easier to make effective use of them.  I had a really fun round in which I spent 5-10 minutes maintaining a friendly IFV in enemy territory and then flanked some enemies to take out a few with the repair torch once he was safe. I think I am going to have to make use of this thing a little more.  I also got some great footage of how messed up the physics on it can be...definitely a few WTF moments.

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