December 13, 2013

Tyrannosaurus vs. Megalodon

Everyone and their brother (at least in the r/battlefield_4 Reddit community) is out on Rogue Transmission and Paracel Storm looking for a giant easter egg hinted at by a DICE developer.  Many are very hopeful that this easter egg will be some sort of trigger that releases a Tyrannosaurus Rex on Rogue Transmission or a Megalodon on Paracel Storm.

The "hints" thus far have been a variety of confirmations and trolls.  All we really know is that there is something out there, and it was added as a secret by an individual developer.  Other comments from DICE employees about it have indicated it is likely triggered by one player, but can be seen or heard by all players on the server.  While those looking seem certain it is on one of those two maps, it seems to me it could be anywhere; I am not convinced it is as narrowed down as they seem to think.

I am really curious to see what this Easter egg is. Although these Dino and shark ideas are cool (and certainly consistent with a lot of the hints, etc from DICE), I am going to throw out the random idea that maybe it is a button somewhere on Hainan Resort that triggers a fireworks display. That would certainly be a good map for something seen by the whole server, and who wouldn't notice a fireworks display in the middle of a battle and go, "WTF?"

Anyway, I might just find an empty server and join in on the search this weekend, though I might be searching places others are not simply because they seem to have those two maps well covered.  Regardless of what it is, this has certainly been an entertaining search to watch.  For more, be sure to check out Reddit.

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