November 19, 2013

BF4 YouTube Series - Where Did I Go Wrong

I am trying out video editing as a new hobby and an extension of my gaming hobby.  In doing this, I am trying to offer something new that I don't see a lot of game play from a average/below average player, and analysis from the angle of, here's what I did wrong and how I could be better.  There are tons of helpful YouTube producers out there, but seeing empty server footage, or video of their best moments doesn't always help us learn how to avoid our worst moments.

For that reason, I am creating a series focused on those worst moments and how to have fewer of them.  In my Where Did I Go Wrong series, I take a clip in which I do something bad (usually, I die) and discuss how it happened and what I could have done differently.  I then show the clip again with full game sounds I believe feeling "in that moment" it part of what helps learning from bad game play stick.  I can watch videos from others all day and really have an understanding of the theory behind how to be better, but making it happen in-game is a different story, at least for me.

I welcome constructive criticism of both the video editing and my game play.  I am a noob at videos, and I play like a noob in-game.  I have a lot to learn in both places.  I am aware that my microphone sucks.  I am hoping to get a better mic for commentary after the holidays.

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