November 25, 2013

BF4 - Round start timer needed

I believe Battlefield 4 needs a round start timer, much like BF3 had.  I personally have BF4 loaded on an SSD and have rather fast load times for the maps (though there are still plenty who load faster than I do). However, there are still many players who still have an HDD, some of whom actually still have only a 5,400 RPM drive.  I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to have to wait a few minutes for the map to load, only to find all the vehicles are taken and points are capped by the time you finally get feet on the ground.

The other night, I played a few rounds on a 32-player conquest server.  I only played a few rounds because it seemed that one team had more SSDs than the other.  I was one of three people that loaded within the first minute of the round on my team, whereas the other team had 10-12 loaded by the time I was up.  Because of this, the other team had all but one flag, and was pushing on our final flag by the time the rest of my team was finally on the map.  Because the game does not seem to shuffle teams well between rounds, it was this way for three rounds, and my team was never able to take back enough flags to get a lead.  However, both teams seemed matched well enough that if all had been allowed to load before being able to leave deployment, it likely would have been a close round every time.  Having faster load times clearly gave the other team a significant advantage.

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