November 24, 2013

BF4 Raw Rounds - Golmud Indecision

I have uploaded another raw round.  This is a particularly good one in terms of the quantity of bad decisions that one can pick apart.  My team is absolutely stomped, and I am no help.  Part of the problem was that I was trying a little of everything and not focusing on just one thing, such as destroying tanks, holding an objective, repairing a chopper, or following squad mates like a puppy dog.

I tried shortening it a bit by speeding up some of the running/no action sequences, as well as cutting some of the spawn screen delays while I was having trouble deciding what to do next.

One of the interesting things about watching my raw footage is realizing just how slow my reflexes are.  In-game, I feel as though I am constantly moving and decision-making.  However, when I watch it back, I realize what I thought was a snap judgment in-game was actually very delayed and slow. I will have to work on that.

It was just after this round that I decided to change my playstyle a bit.  While it doesn't always work, I am trying to choose one thing to focus on for each round, such as being more patient.  Patience has actually been my most frequent focus since my Where Did I Go Wrong - Overextending video to try and reduce the number of times I overextend.  I must say, a conscious effort on one thing makes a difference.  Hopefully, my next raw round will actually show a bit of improvement.

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