November 13, 2013

Battlefield 4 Raw Rounds

The first Battlefield 4 Raw Round is posted on the Heplinger Gaming YouTube.  Hopefully game play videos can become a fun little hobby from which I can share gaming as a related hobby, as well as share things that help myself and others improve in-game.

Raw Rounds is something many in the Battlefield 4 YouTube community offer, where they post videos of rounds that have little to no editing.  I hope for mine to tell a bit of a story.  As much as I love the Battlefield franchise, I am terrible at it.  I intend for this series to show the evolution of my game play as it (hopefully) improves.  At the very least, by watching these back I plan to learn from my mistakes, and hope others can as well because most raw rounds posted are the best rounds from really good players, not average rounds from a below-average player.

As I learn about video editing and how to quickly and efficiently find key points in my game play, I hope to bring other types of videos as well, again to help people learn along with me.  If all goes as planned, I can bring the community a new perspective - Battlefield 4 through the eyes of a super casual player striving to improve.  Constructive feedback on my game play and videos is always welcome.  Trolls will be left under their bridges.  ;-)

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