October 25, 2013

Flood Zone Gameplay

EA/DICE has allowed Levelcap to upload some footage of game play on the new Flood Zone map.  It appears this map will again offer very vertical game play, as we saw on Siege of Shanghai.  It is more of a medium-sized map, with five flags in conquest.  It should really prove to offer some intense infantry gameplay.  In fact, Levelcap's video starts off with some Obliteration gameplay, which may be quite fun on Flood Zone, because despite the bomb carrier always being spotted, there are so many levels, corridors, nooks, and crannies, that they will not be an easy kill.

His video also includes our first peek at Rush game play in Battlefield 4.  While it does not reveal much of a change in Rush, I somehow get the feeling it will play better than BF3.  I think that may be due to the maps appearing to have greater opportunities for flanking and other tactical game play than the styles of maps we had previously.

Unfortunately, Levelcap did not show us much about what kind of destructibility elements this map may entail (can we drop rubble from those taller buildings?), but he did prove that we can dive underwater far enough to enter the buildings from there!  That will add a whole new element to back rage.

Check out Levelcap's Flood Zone video and get excited; this is your last weekend before the release of Battlefield 4!

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