October 18, 2013

Battlefield 4 - Awards and Progression

The latest Battlefield Blog post details information about the awards and progression system of Battlefield 4. Here's some of the key points:

  • There will be 100 levels, like BF3.  This will consist of 20 ranks, each with 5 sub-ranks (level 16 is rank Sergeant, and level 20 is Sergeant V).
  • There are 45 ribbons available, each having a distinct medal tied to it that is earned by obtaining a ribbon 50 times.
  • There are 130 unique service stars, each obtainable 100 times (13,000 total).  This includes new service starts for game modes, earned by playing the objective and winning.
  • Many of the tweaks to the scoring system are meant to provide better feedback to the player and encourage more objective gameplay.
  • Confirmed that the new "Kill assist counts as kill" system means both the player receiving this message and the one inflicting the final blow receive a kill credit (meaning one player killed can count as two kills on the scoreboard, but still only one ticket).
  • Players will start the game with basic items that were not available without unlocking them in BF3, such as flares on jets, and some grips on assault rifles.
  • There is a way in Battlelog to mark certain awards and unlocks to track your progress
  • There are 45 multi-layered assignments to achieve, that offer dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons.
I am curious if they plan to expand on some of these with each DLC, as they did in BF3.

For those who get a thrill from unlocks and awards, Battlefield 4 certainly has a lot to keep a player seeking new goals.

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