September 13, 2013

More BF4 Game Play - DICE Studio Event

Recently, DICE flew a group of YouTube game play video producers out to its LA studio to play and record on the latest build of Battlefield 4. This week, we started seeing the first videos produced from this session, giving us some fantastic insight into what is new to BF4, and what we'll see in October's Beta. 

One of my favorite so far is Daskro's coverage of all the engineer's launchers, largely because of the quantity and quality of information he provides. Many have worried, speculated, suggested, and demanded regarding the launchers of BF4. I believe many concerns have been addressed well. We have the return of the wire-guided launcher. We have a significant weakening of damage of the "fire and forget" launchers.   Slightly higher damage launchers, like the javelin have become lock and hold. The most significant takeaway seems to be that they all are unique. Lastly, he shows us a previously unseen battle pickup launcher.

Daskro uploaded another video (also with incredibly informative commentary), giving us a first look at game play with the remote-controlled mortar. I wrote up some of my thoughts on this over at bf4blog.

Drift0r gives us Obliteration game play from an "outsider's" perspective (the primary focus of his YouTube channel seems to be COD videos, including really nice weapons analysis, though he is quite familiar - and good, it seems - with Battlefield).  He notes there were some things they could not show, including a few knives, so hopefully there is some great stuff to look forward to there.  He also gives us a good look at a heavily scoped .44 magnum.  Lastly, he expresses concern that the attack boats may be too powerful because of the amount of damage it seems to require to take them out.

LevelCap is producing videos the fastest, choosing to focus on the weapons of each class and analysis of the field upgrades.  So far, he has provided us the assault weapons, PDWs, and the following video showing the LMGs.

TmarTn also uploaded a number of videos.  The latest shows Obliteration game play.   Around the 0:52 mark, he seems to drop the bomb without dying, leaving me to wonder if there is in fact a way to drop the bomb intentionally, as many on reddit have requested.

Some of the first trolls and fails are provided to us by WhiteBoy7thst and MinnesotaBurns.

Stay tuned, as I imagine LevelCap will also be doing videos on sniper rifles, carbines, shotguns, attack boats, and scout choppers, as those were also available during this event.  I also would not be surprised if Daskro provided us some videos on other specific equipment and spectator mode.  There were a number of other players at the event from the Battlefield and COD communities, so I am sure I missed a few.  Be on the lookout for videos from others, and share your favorites in the comments!

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