August 7, 2013

Speculation - Battlefield 4 Game Play Clips

EA/DICE has been releasing a lot of short clips, ranging from 20 seconds to a couple minutes, to various members of the Battlefield YouTube community.  Many of these clips provide little, if any, new details regarding the game.  Honestly, the overall sense one gets is that they are meant to keep stirring up hype as Gamescom approaches in a couple weeks.  I, for one, have enjoyed getting a little hyped up watching the clips, as well as analyzing the content to find the little things to appreciate.  However, I cannot help but wonder if there is a deeper meaning to these clips.

I feel like they have some cohesive theme in them.  However, they seem to show various types of game play, from infantry to tanks to choppers.  They give us first-person examples of some of the features discussed, but not shown in incredible detail, such as the various water effects.  They display a number of bugs, such as the tower falling through the tank and the "blinking".  On the surface, there does not seem to be much cohesion, aside from it being alpha game play of BF4.  However, I have a couple theories, which are not mutually exclusive.

The first is simply that they are showing this to us to keep us hyped up, but also to show off some of the bugs in this alpha game play.  They have already stated they will have Battlefield 4 playable at Gamescom 2013.  I am thinking the version they have on site will be newer than what we are seeing in these clips, and it will evidence that many of these bugs have been corrected before we even get to Beta.

The second has to do with how they obtained this game play.  If they have explained, I have missed it.  My understanding is simply that this is gameplay recorded of spectator mode.  However, what I have not heard is who is playing or how it was recorded.  I believe this will be discussed in more detail at Gamescom, where they will reveal that these clips were recorded using Battlerecorder of game play either by those who had access to the online Alpha, or of journalists, etc. playing at the DICE offices.

Of course, this is all speculation, and it may just be that they wanted to provide us a little material during the doldrums between E3 and Gamescom.  In just a couple weeks, we will know more.

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