August 2, 2013

Battlefield 4 - Shanghai Tower Falls on Tank

The video above, posted by VitalSyntax on Youtube, is a clip provided to him by EA/DICE as part of a release of multiple video clips of recent build gameplay footage to throw a little more coal on the fire of the hype train.  This particular video is an interesting one, as it shows the Siege of Shanghai tower falling on a tank.  VitalSyntax does a great job in the video of going back through the clip and providing thoughts very similar to what I would add here if he had not done that.

One of the main things I want to point out in this clip is the buggy nature of the tower falling.  I hope after the build we see here, they were able to make the tower fall more gracefully and/or the blocking/hit detection of the falling tower is improved so one does not see the weird untextured insides.  I also see in this video, as I have seen in others, that there are weird transitions during the falling, where pieces are there, then they aren't, rather than seeing them falling.  If course, I am not a game programmer, so what I am expecting may be beyond the capabilities of current engines.

The other thing prominent in this clip, which I have again seen in others, is the strange blinking going on.  Is that meant to be your soldier blinking as they look through the TV feed for the tank?  It seems really strange and sporadic.  I also recall seeing this same thing when players are swimming.  I really hope we get more information on what this is and why, if it is something we will see in the final build of the game.

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