July 22, 2013

Chivalry Update

So, Chivalry really is a neat game.  You have game modes that range from objective-based combat (one team tries to set fire to things and kill villagers, while the other defends) to free-for-all deathmatch.  There is a variety of maps; I feel I have seen only a small selection of them.  You can choose from four different classes:

  • Archer - Carries bow or crossbow as primary; dagger as secondary.  Focus on ranged combat; weak at hand-to-hand.
  • Man-at-arms - Light and agile.  Typically carries a broadsword.  Has a special dodge ability to help survive hand-to-hand combat, but wears weak armor.
  • Vanguard - Medium armor front-line soldier.  Typically carries weapons with a longer reach, such as a pole arm.  Has a special rush attack.
  • Knight - Well-armored, but slow.  Can wield two-handed weapons with one hand when carrying a shield and does substantial damage.
This game is a lot of fun.  There appears to be no persistent stat tracking, beyond number of kills with a weapon (which is hidden) to determine when other weapons unlock.  While I love looking over stats and seeing how different means of playing affect them, this seems to encourage more of a "just jump in and have fun" playstyle.  

Chivalry is all about timing.  You must time your blocks to defend yourself from the other player, and time your hits to contact when they are weak.  You can feint to get your opponent to waste their block and then attack, and you can combo attacks to quickly beat down your opponent.  Unfortunately, this all requires a skill for timing I do not yet have.  This game takes a lot of practice, but practicing can be fun, though it can also be frustrating when you die over and over because you cannot seem to hit the right button at the right time.  You can also teamkill, easily.  A late swing at an opponent that lands just after a teammate swoops in and takes them down will often land on that teammate's back, taking them down if they are weak enough.

It is a really fun game, and certainly provides a different flavor of team-based FPS combat.  If you need a little change of pace and see Chivalry on sale, I certainly recommend it.

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