July 15, 2013

BF4 Player Count

I have seen rumors lately that DICE is considering an increase to the player count for Battlefield 4.  This has arisen because of the questions regarding 64 players (32 per team) not evenly breaking out among 5-player squads.  Therefore, rumors are that teams will be increased to 35 (70 per server, plus Commanders).  I am curious to see if this is the case, or just wishful thinking.  Truth is, it may not matter much, as nearly every server in BF3 has squads of 1-, 2-, and 3 players, many of which are intentionally set that way.  If a couple players want to run the chopper, they often squad up and lock the squad.  So, people seem to have a preference for that customization.  However, BF4 clearly is pushing more team play by bringing back VOIP and implementing the perk bar filled only by team-driven points, so perhaps we will see more full squads this time around.

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