July 9, 2013

BF4 Closed Alpha

BF4 news is a little slow right now, as people await Gamescom in late August, speculating that to be the time for more reveals, such as the timing of Beta.  Recently, there was a closed Alpha, into which I was not invited, sadly.  However, there is some footage posted on Youtube (though there is no guarantee it will be left up because of the NDA).  However, I am going to link to a video I watched today, which is a nice compilation of trying out various parts of the game (different classes, vehicles, weapons, etc.).  There is not too much revealing, though I did find it neat that, around the 5:00 mark, the player is in a transport heli as a passenger, and is able to look inside the helicopter.  I wonder if this will make it easier to drop ammo and med kits mid-flight.

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