July 17, 2013

Battlefield 4 YOLO Swag

EA has stated they have plans to heavily merchandise Battlefield 4.  Apparently, this will include a novel that ties in to the singleplayer storyline, clothes, and the usual game accessories (Razor mouse & keyboard, PS4 & XB1 controllers).  All I can hope is that their efforts to turn up the hype and profit result in more money flowing to DICE to fund their efforts to keep the game alive and fun (as well as to make Star Wars Battlefront amazing, because I look forward to that one as well).

In other news, I also saw a rumor of a "Last Man Standing" mode for BF4.  It sounded as though it was possibly a console mode, so it may not be coming to PC.  I am guessing this would be a perma-death free-for-all, which honestly is not my cup of tea (though I do try out all the modes at least a few times to give them a chance).  Hopefully, we'll learn more to talk about soon.
EDIT:  See more discussion of this rumor over at BF4Blog.  It was suggested there that is may be a team-based perma-death, and could possibly be the "Elimination" mode found in the Alpha files.  This would make a lot of sense, considering that BF is a very team-based game.

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