July 3, 2013

Battlefield 4 - HUD

I have not seen excessive discussion of the Battlefield 4 HUD/UI.  Many comments have been that it is improved, but I think a great part of it is that we don't know exactly what we are going to get.  However, I have one thing I am really curious about, because I have not come across discussion of it at all.  On the ammo/health bar on the lower right of one's screen, there is a little triangle icon (circled in blue in the image at right).  I am very curious as to what that is, as I cannot think of anything else that is missing from the HUD this icon could be replacing.  So, I have a quick speculation:  what if this is a "spotted" indicator?  It has been grey in all the images I have seen, so I wonder if it lights up orange when you are spotted.  My reason for this speculation is largely because it resembles the orange triangle that shows up above your head for 3D spotting in BF3.  Maybe it is something completely different, and maybe others know what it is and I missed that discussion.  All I know is, I am curious.

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