June 12, 2013

Battlefield 4 MP Gameplay

I am sure everyone that cares has seen it by now, but I need to share regardless.  Here is the BF4 multiplayer gameplay released from E3.

I have to say I was impressed.  Yes, I was rather skeptical leading up to E3.  There has been a lot of focus on single player mode, so I feared a little they were too focused on that.  There have also been fears that they might rest on their laurels a bit too much and give us Battlefield 3.5, but this seems to indicate that is not the case.

Of course, the gameplay was rather rehearsed.  I really wouldn't expect different, as their intent was to show off some of the best pieces of this map and new features, all with a dramatic skyscraper-toppling conclusion. I am excited to see the extent to which this "Levolution" is implemented throughout the game.  Will it feel like a bunch of gimmicks, or will these features become truly immersed features that become a natural interaction with the environment?  They have talked a bit about it in interviews these last couple days, indicating that no only can you collaps the street under a tank, but you can also have more minor interactions, such as raising bollards to block a bridge, and shooting fire extinguishers to create a temporary smokescreen.

I am curious to see how big the maps truly are, and how much scale-ability there is on a map such as Siege: how many buildings can you enter; how many floors of those buildings are accessible, etc.?

They also have mentioned you can now dive underwater, and you can fire you pistol while in the water.  I am curious whether or not one can deploy C4 while underwater to blow up those boats.  I wonder if there is a limit to how long a player can remain underwater.

For more on what has been gathered from the multiplayer livestream at E3, check out the Reddit thread on the BF4 livestream.

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