June 20, 2013

Battlefield 4 Destruction Update

Over at Edge, they posted a nice Q & A with DICE producer Aleksander Grondal, in which he discusses destruction in BF4, commander mode, class structure, and other topics.  Some information gleaned from this interview that makes me very optimistic in relation to yesterday's post is that there will be a variety of destruction among the BF4 maps.  It sounds as though there will be tactically-focused maps, such as Siege on Shanghai, as well as maps full of BC2-esque destructible houses.  I can only imagine there will be some forms of in-between as well.  From the interview:
There’s still a greatly reduced level of destruction to what you had in BC2, so what was the problem with BC2 since you guys have absolutely turned your back on that… not only that game, but also that kind of destruction?
We love that kind of destruction, and we want to have that kind of destruction on other types of maps. It’s just that this one, we wanted to be a bit more focused.
So that style of play will be in the game?
Yes, absolutely.
There’ll be maps where players can essentially carve a straight line across the map?
Essentially, yes. So with these houses that collapse, you know the one and two storey houses that completely gets obliterated? We’ll have maps with that type of gameplay, too.
OK, so in this case you have a map built around one type of building which can be brought down and other maps will be a sea of huts that you can wreck?
Yes. I love Bad Company. I also think Bad Company had a better level of destruction than Battlefield 3 and we are the first to admit that. Battlefield 3 didn’t necessarily deliver what we wanted it to be on the destruction level so we’re kind of upping that, we want to make sure everything goes.
I am really curious to see what DICE concocts for Battlefield 4 maps.  I saw somewhere that it had been indicated that multiplayer maps would be largely based on the single player maps (as is often the case).  Yesterday, there was a leaked text file from the alpha to which many random players currently have access, and it had the names of the potential single player levels.  From this, we find one level called "Dam".  This makes me wonder if we might have another focused destruction map in which you can blow up a dam, changing the battlefield into more of a naval battle.

I really think they are going to show us some amazing stuff; I just hope they can exceed the hype with lasting replayability.

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