May 15, 2013

Tips and Tricks Videos

I have spent some time on Youtube trying to garner a few tips and tricks to help me play BF3 a little better and have a bit more fun.  I am by no means a serious player or trying to become competitive; I just want to do well enough that I can feel I provide some benefit to my team and have fun doing so.  Unfortunately, the majority of the Battlefield videos out there are trolls and lols videos, and those are meant for a laugh (though they do teach you that you will become troll fodder if you lie prone in one place all match).

One Youtube channel I have come to enjoy and respect is that of Xfactor.  I have seen plenty of hate directed his way, but I don't know the guy and cannot comment one way or another.  What I do know is the guy makes a valiant effort to consistently produce videos with constructive ideas on playing the game, and I have learned from it.  He goes over his thought process on attacking lanes for different maps, tells us how to use a tank halfway effectively, and shows us his efforts to improve his chopper skills.  If you are looking for ideas for improvement, check out his channel.  Feel free to leave comments...what videos do you like to watch, and what sites do you frequent for gameplay improvement?

I have to say I have learned a lot from his and other videos.  Having come into these games in the last 3 or so years, I had and have a lot to learn about tactics and playing effectively.  I am still very much a scrub, though the thoughts and ideas from various Youtube videos has helped me to start improving my score per minute and k/d ratio, making me a bit less of a liability to my teams.  Now, if I could only get in my practice time...

I leave you with a recent Xfactor video on using armor on Nebandon Flats rush defense:

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