May 17, 2013

Rumors: Battlefield 4 not coming to the Playstation 4?

Based on a tweet from the Battlefield Twitter account, some believe that Battlefield 4 is not coming to the PS4.  The tweet, in response to a question about pre-ordering for the PS3 and upgrading later, stated:
It has not been announced for PlayStation 4. So you will not need to worry about that.
This could honestly mean a number of things.  For one, they simply may not want to reveal the next gen yet, hoping more will pre-order on the current gen and later pay for an upgrade (bad PR move, EA).  Or, it may be that they will be offering free or discounted upgrades, but want to announce that at a later date, say at E3.

It is hard to believe that a game too advanced to play at full quality/capability on the current generation of consoles would not be released on the next generation.  That seems silly on the parts of DICE and EA.  I guess it is possible they are not putting effort into developing for the new consoles just yet, meaning it will not be ready for them when they release this year and BF4 for the next gen will come out some time in 2014.

I am sure we could speculate all day about this.  I am a PC player, so it really does not affect me directly, but I have to admit, this is an odd piece of news.

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