May 20, 2013

PURE Battlefield

I managed to spend a few hours playing Battlefield 3 this weekend.  I spent that time playing on the PURE Battlefield conquest server.  If you haven't come across PURE on Reddit, you might check them out.  Basically, it is a Battlefield community comprised of a bunch of gamers who are coming together to play and have fun.

I think the coolest thing about playing on the PURE servers is that they have a workaround for the lack of VOIP in BF3.  They have Teamspeak 3 set up so that when you join their TS server and their game server, you are put in general chat until you are added to a squad in-game.  At that point, the TS server communicates with the game server, and puts you in a private chat channel with any squad mates also in TS. It is great for meeting new players and for communicating on the battlefield.  I really enjoyed it and will likely get on their server anytime I am playing when my buddies are not, so long as the queue is not too large.

While playing, the infamous Xfactor and his buddies from NCIX joined the server for a couple rounds (on the other team, of course).  They did not stay long because they absolutely dominated us (I think autobalance had inadvertently stacked the teams).  That night did absolutely nothing for my already terrible stats, but I had fun.

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