May 17, 2013

DICE Dev: No Co-op in BF4

So, there apparently will not be a co-op mode in BF4.  That's unfortunate, as I was hopeful of having one where more than two could play together.  I was also hopeful for a more elaborate and tactical version of co-op than what we had in BF3.  I guess this doesn't necessarily rule out a bot mode for practice, though it may rule out playing in any bot mode with others.  It does, however, mean that people are not getting dinosaurs, at least not a co-op wave survival version.  I would not be surprised if co-op came out later in a DLC, though.

What I do hope about this is that it truly means they are putting the time and effort that would have made a co-op mode into improving other aspects of the game, and that their redirecting of those efforts is not all focused on single player.

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