May 22, 2013

Battlefield 4 on Next Gen

So, yesterday's big news was that Battlefield 4 will be released for the new Xbox One and PS4.  It almost seems as though they waited to reveal that BF4 would be on next gen because they were not allowed to reveal anything about the Xbox One (because we don't want spoilers that it isn't the Xbox 720).

Also revealed was the release date:  10/29/2013.  That is pretty much spot-on to what many people were expecting.  I am guessing this means the beta will be sometime in early October (they have said it will be in the Fall).

Unexpectedly, they also revealed the first DLC for BF4: China Rising.  This indicates that China will most likely be a faction in Battlefield 4, though it is unclear if they will be immediately available or (more likely) available with this DLC.  The cover art shows a Chinese bomber and tank, as well as a soldier carrying what many have surmised to be an M4 and an M39  EMR (both suppressed) at the same time.  Is this just for show, or will we be able to play a class that can carry a semi-auto EMR and carbine at the same time?

I am still rather torn on buying the game.  I am reluctant to pre-order until I know more about it, but even then I don't know if I should pre-order the base game ($59.99 at Amazon), the deluxe version ($69.99 at Origin), wait to get it on or after release, etc.  With the way they did the base vs. limited edition vs. premium much later for BF3, I am wanting more information before I make a decision.  I feel certain they will do the premium thing again, but will it be immediately available, or will it come out after a few DLCs?

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