April 24, 2013

Chopper Training

I am hoping to get in some practice with the choppers this weekend.  I am a little rough.  I have done a fair amount of empty server flying to get comfortable with the controls, and feel that I can fly relatively well, as in I can maneuver okay and typically don't crash unless I am under pressure.  What I need most is combat experience; I need to get better engaging, dodging, dropping locks, and not overcompensating when I try to maneuver.  I use a joystick on PC because I find it more immersive, and also find I have had better luck making more minute adjustments than I do with the mouse.  Of course, maybe I would be better with a mouse after some practice, but I am not out to be a pro, so I'll stick to the immersion.  Really, I just want to improve so I can stay alive long enough to have a little fun, and provide the random gunner that jumps in with me on a public server a chance to get a couple of kills before we are knocked out of the sky.

I'll leave you with one of the many videos I've watched providing some of the tips and tactics on which I'll be focusing:

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