April 25, 2013

Battlefield 4 Leaks

An article yesterday at BF4Central showed a leaked poster from EB Games promoting pre-order of Battlefield 4.  There are a number of things at play here.  First, one must wonder if this is in fact real.  Was this created or approved by EA?  Was this created by EB Games based on information from EA?  Or, is this simply a marketing gimmick to get people excited using the information they want to hear, true or not, to get them to pre-order?  Only time will tell.  Personally, I am not pre-ordering BF4 until I know more.  I really need it to be a significant change from BF3, otherwise I will continue with BF3 for some time until BF4 is on sale.

As for what this poster is telling us, the first piece of information is a release date, October 31, 2013.  This surprises me a little, considering that the next gen consoles are rumored to come out after that date.  This could mean a second purchase for console players that want the game at release, but then also want it for their new console.  One can only hope that, if this date is true, they will offer a free next-gen download to players that buy it for their current console.  Otherwise, it would appear to be an EA money-grabbing strategy, which would really bite them in the butt.

The second item refers to a return of Commander Mode.  I am ashamed to admit I did not have a gaming computer when BF2 was big and have therefore never played it.  However, I hear many reminisce on how great that game was, and how important the Commander role was to promoting teamplay in the game.  If this is in, I look forward to seeing what it brings to how the game is played.  However, I am a little concerned about the wording, "rank up into the seat of the brand new commander mode," because it makes me wonder if this will only be available to players that play enough to unlock the mode.  While I see the point in making it available only to the more experienced players that understand the mechanics of the game and playing as a team, I fear this could promote unethical attempts to rank up quickly.  It could also promote the XP-based servers we see so many of already.  I think I would tire quickly of this game if all servers are "Metro conquest/Canals TDM Rank up fast 24/7".

We already know DICE is working on Battlelog 2.0 and have hinted we may get to see it in BF3 before the release of BF4.  This poster seems to indicate the new Battlelog will take stats to a whole new level.  However, I cannot help but think that, "track every shot" is hyperbole.

Go Premium - of course they are going to include Premium.  The question is, can we get it up front, or will it be offered at some later date?  Will its exclusive features make people feel it is pay to win?

Lastly, they tout the singleplayer campaign, making it sounds a bit more like the Bad Company campaign.  I'll also be curious to see how that pans out.  Will it be a linear story with multiplayer controls and flanking routes added in, or will it live up to the hype of deep immersion and pivotal decisions?

All-in-all, this poster looks better than the Gamestop one leaked a few weeks ago.  However, it could still be completely bogus, or an attempt to drum up sales.  Nonetheless, it gets us excited to see what is next; nothing like leaks and speculation to keep us hooked.

EDIT: Poster confirmed by EB Games to be a fake.  Also, cannot believe I overlooked this the first time, but the poster does not mention the PC, just consoles; that should've been a clue.

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