August 1, 2014

New site

Hello to you few passer-bys of this site. I am going to do very little, if any, updating from here on out. I decided a a Battlefield site with a weak name was just a bit too...specific. I have put together a site that is more consistent with my YouTube channel branding, but is also not devoted to just one game series. On this new site, I will be posting both my videos, and others I really enjoy, as well as news and my thoughts and opinions on a variety of games, including board games in addition to video games. I generally focus on PC gaming, but consoles are not out of the question, though I do not currently have anything newer than a Wii.

So, please come join me at the Heplinger Gaming blog, or check out my YouTube channel!

July 24, 2014

COD Advanced Warfare fan site

I have talked about it before: I gave up on Call of Duty some time ago. I felt as though the series was running in place, and found that I enjoyed the gameplay of the Battlefield series much more. That is not to say that a person can play both, and I certainly would if I had felt inclined to play COD.

That may just happen for me this year. I have a renewed interest in Call of Duty, thanks to what I have seen of Advanced Warfare and the past work of the guys at Sledgehammer Games. Sledgehammer is really putting forth some effort to research the possibilities of future technology to make the game believable, interesting, and hopefully they also make it fun to play.

Because I am watching this closely and it offers such great promise, I have teamed up as co-editor for, a COD Advanced Warfare fan site. As fans of FPS games and gaming in general, we are looking to share our interest and our curiosity about this new COD by sharing news, rumors, and even opinions on the game.

I am really hopeful Advanced Warfare can bring the Call of Duty series to a new level and make me want to play again, so please come join us as we eagerly anticipate Sledgehammer's effort to invigorate the franchise!

-- Heplinger, co-editor of AdWarCentral, a COD: Advanced Warfare fan site.

Battlefield Hardline Fan Site

I have really enjoyed writing for, so the editor and I got together and created, a Battlefield Hardline fan site. As fans of the Battlefield series, we are excited for the potential Battlefield Hardline has, and we are keeping a close eye on it. On this site, we share news about the game, opinions about what the game should include, change, etc., and other topics. We are even looking for other Battlefield Hardline fans to join us on the blog as writers.

As two guys with families and day jobs, we may not be the first to break the news, but we will share it ASAP, as we did with the news of the delay. As a Battlefield Hardline fan site, we also hope to bring our own personal spin on the news and such information by either throwing in a little opinion, or writing up a separate article later to analyze the information.

So, please come join us as we eagerly await the next installment in our favorite FPS series, hoping for a title that brings the series to a new level of quality and fun!

-- Heplinger, co-editor of HardlineCentral, a Battlefield Hardline fan site.

First Impressions from the Battlefield Hardline beta.

I got the chance to play the Battlefield Hardline beta and enjoyed it a bit. Overall, the game is fun, but still feels enough like BF4 that it doesn't seem to stand out on its own just yet. I guess that is part of why Visceral Games decided to delay the release of Battlefield Hardline until 2015: to really make it stand out as a cops vs. criminals game and not just feel like a reskinned Battlefield 4.

I managed to record some of my gameplay and put together a commentary discussing both my positive and negative thoughts on Battlefield Hardline as it was in the beta.

June 9, 2014

Battlefield Hardline and E3

E3 is upon us once again, and it is time to check out all the gaming goodness coming our way!  I will certainly be keeping my eye on all it has to offer. For info on where and when to watch the press conferences, check out the listing on Forbes.

Battlefield holds a special place in my geek gamer heart, although BF4 was not what my expectations had hyped it up to be. Regardless of that, I do still manage to have fun. I will be keeping a close watch on Battlefield Hardline from Visceral Games. The cops and crimals theme has me intrigued, and the involvement of a new developer will hopefully put a renewed level of thought and polish on the game. This one really has potential, but I worry it will fall flat. The good thing is that many have lowered expectations right now from the Battlefield franchise, so hopefully we will not get overhyped, which is a recipe for failure. If you wish to keep up-to-date on news, rumors, and analysis of it all regarding Battlefield Hardline, check out Hardline Central.

I have not played Call of Duty since Black Ops, and even that one received little attention, so I guess Modern Warfare 2 would be my last extensively-played title. I am a bit curious about COD: Advanced Warfare, though, as a new developer (Sledgehammer), and a new sci-fi-ish setting might refresh the title a bit. I do not yet know the extent to which the engine has been modified; that may be a bit factor for me, as the engine has become so old and tired. Maybe I am a bit spoiled by the environmental interaction Battlefield has offered. It feels strange to play a game without such significant destruction and the ability to get on objects. Nonetheless, I will be watching this one as well. Find more about COD: Advanced Warfare at AdWarCentral.

Another specific title on my radar is Civilization: Beyond Earth. I really love the Civilization series, and have even started a Let's Play with Civ V. Beyond Earth promises to provide a new setting for a familiar game (seems a common theme this year), introducing changes in the game play that sound as though they fit well with the new sci-fi setting and them, as well as refreshing the replay value of the series. This one will be an almost definite purchase for me. The other two may wait until they prove themselves. As always, I will not be pre-ordering anything, as I have learned my lesson on that front.